The Start Of Something New!

Well, Hello World!

This is my first ever post on my first ever blog and I can honestly say that just my completing this first post I feel like some sort of technical wizz!

I have started this blog in order to keep track of the journey I am on. This journey started around a year ago when having been unsuccessful at finding a teaching job last September I started supply work and I soon found that I had plenty of time and absolutely no hobbies. So off I went to find a new hobby and low and behold I found a love of sewing, patchwork and fabric. In fact my fabric passion has quickly over taken my love of clothes shopping much to the misery of my bank balance. It turns out cotton fabric in lovely bright colours is not so cheap! Now I am in the same job hunting boat as last year and I am getting thoroughly fed up of it. Especially because I have come to love the lack of out of hours work that comes with supply work. So I have come to the conclusion that I need a change and am currently looking for a part time teaching post and in my spare time I am going  to start selling my patchwork online. Luckily I have an interview on Wednesday for a part time teaching post so fingers crossed this goes my way.

So having been attending patchwork classes  for the last yearand set up my Etsy account and email I am now onto the next steps of my master plan to become a crafting business woman…create an inspiring crafting space out of the spare room and a blog to track my progress. Below are photos of my craft room as it is currently.

I think it basically needs a complete makeover, including new storage system and curtains. Plus, some pictures and things on the wall would make it look nice. So tomorrow I will be going over to the d.i.y shop to find some paint, rollers etc. So not only am I a technical wizz, I am also going to be a painting and decorating wizz!