It’s been a while but here I am…

It’s now two months on and I now have a brighter and happier crafting room. It still isn’t the craft room of my dreams but I have to face facts…I don’t have the bank budget of my dreams either.  Especially as August seems to be the most expensive month of the year (excluding December) what with birthdays, car insurance, MOT and servicing plus the usual monthly bills. Anyway, it’s no longer a sickly lilac box room but has been transformed into a bright and happy crafting room with lemon juice yellow walls.

My desk area

From this picture it still looks like the side of my desk area is still cluttered, however, I would like to reassure you all that the boxes are only there due to the fact that my current ongoing project is a sample quilt and I quickly became tired of keep getting my things in and out everyday.

The dresser I am using as storage.

I’m pretty impressed with this dresser.  I love the shape of it and the engraved details in the wood. There is a part of me that wonders about painting it to make it look Shabby Chic, however there’s another part of me that thinks it is beautiful wood and the effects of painting it would be irreversible. I’m going to look for similar things that have been painted to see how they turned out.

Temporary shelving

This shelving was left over from my pre-decorated craft room. I want to find a lovely real wood cupboard to replace this.

So my aims for my craft room are as follows:

  • finish my Lloyd Loom ottoman.
  • Buy some box files to neatly store my magazines.
  • Make some sort of blind or curtain to shield out the sun.
  • Possibly paint my dresser a lighter colour and add some homemade scented hearts (I think they are very sweet).
  • Buy a wooden cupboard to hide my mess in and paint it the same colour as my dresser.
  • Personalise some picture frames to put onto the wall.
Looking at it now this is quite an extensive to do list but I will crack on and add updates as I go.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Brooke
    Aug 27, 2011 @ 21:21:46

    You are off to a good start with your craft room! It has taken me a good 6 or more years to get mine to where I have it now. Like you, I am hoping to be motivated to work more and get my etsy business going. Stay encouraged!

    Hmmm…I am torn about your storage dresser too – it is beautiful the way it is but I am sure that painting it (or at least refinishing it in a lighter color) would really make the amazing details show and lighten up your work space. It is a great piece of furniture with wonderful lines! Perhaps as a temporary (and removable!) solution, you could find some fabric or paper that can be spray-glued to some foamboard cut to fit into the back of the shelves.


    • lovelysewnsew
      Aug 28, 2011 @ 07:47:38

      Thanks! Thats a brilliant idea about the foamboard and would give me a great excuse to go fabric shopping…not that I need one! It’s defiantly something i’m going to look into doing. I’ve been thinking along the lines of painting it as well because it does look really dark and makes that corner of the room dark.


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