Seventeen Down, Three More To Go!

Today I have had a bit of a sewing day. It’s been a while since the completed my last block and I figured that I had better pull my finger out and complete the last four blocks. By the end of it my eyes were feeling strained from all of the concentration. I did manage to complete another block from my sampler quilt. Unfortunately it was an applique  block and that is not my strongest of skills. In fact I really struggle with it, however I am hoping that if people only look at from a distance they won’t notice that it’s slightly lumpy and uneven. I have also included images of the other blocks I have made so far.

Today's block is top centre

You can see from the image that it isn’t as neat as the others. I am really enjoying making the blocks and I only have three blocks left to complete then I will have enough for a double quilt. Once I have completed all of my blocks I then need to add borders, square them off and then add deep purple sashing.

Some more blocks.

I really enjoy making the log cabins and I particularly enjoyed making the variation of it called Court House Steps. That’s the block on the top right.

More blocks

The ones that I have already managed to put borders around I think look really effective, especially the double borders done in the same fabric patterns as the block.

Once I had completed my block I didn’t feel up to starting another one, especially one containing applique! So I got out my scrap basket and made a little hanging heart. For a first attempt and no instructions I think I did pretty well.  The picture doesn’t really do it justice. The buttons stand out against the fabric better than the picture shows.

My newest addition to my craft room.

I look forward to putting it on display in my craft room.


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