Fabric Doorstop

I have been lucky enough to have been given some curtains. If a year ago someone had told me that being given a free set of curtains would have made my day I would have laughed. However, now I don’t just see them as a free set of curtains…I see them as a whole range of possibilities.

Once I had finished another block for my quilt I decided to give myself a break by making something small so I decided to make a doorstop using the curtain fabric to stop the door from slamming whenever I have a window open somewhere in the house. I found a tutorial on the internet and set to work.

My doorstop

It was pretty easy! It was just a matter of making templates for the four triangle sides and the square base, putting these on the fabric, cutting them out, sewing them together, adding dry rice inside of it before finally sewing it up. I then added a ribbon and a heart shaped button for decoration. I’m going to make more using some patterned fabric from my stash for different rooms in the house. That is once I have been to the shop to buy more rice…it’s a good job I don’t need any for dinner tonight :-p

Speaking of tonight I am lucky enough to have been able to get myself onto a glass workshop where I will be learning to make coasters from…surprise surprise…glass! I can’t wait. We are in desperate need of coasters because at the moment we are just making do with whatever we can find to put our cup on. Tomorrow I will hopefully have pictures of the coasters as I make them, although not pictures of the finished products because they will need to be fired! It will be interesting to see the results.


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