Ta Daaaaaa!

This is just a quick post to show off my newly re-upholstery chair that was re-upholstered by yours truly. I have recently brought it home from college and am currently trying to solve the dilemma of where am I going to put it? So as a result it is now sat in the living room waiting for one of the rooms in my house to magically become larger to accommodate for it or for when we do eventually move house.



Trimmed corner

I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. I was unsure about the white trim against the cream wood but I quite like the look of it now. I think it sets the purple of beautifully. Plus it was super hard trying to find a shop that stocked purple trim to match the fabric. I am now going to make a nice comfy cushion out of the fabric leftovers to lean my back on when sitting on it to make it extra comfortable.



Nearly finished!!

I have now nearly finished my chair. Tomorrow should be the last day I need to work on it. As it currently stands it looks like this…

I had originally intended to do some crazy patchwork to cover it but after talking to my tutor I decided that this wasn’t the best project to do that on (the seat just isn’t really big enough) so I went to the fabric shop and managed to pic up a lovely soft piece of plain purple upholstery fabric for 50p!!!! I was able to get a couple of pieces so I will be able to make a matching cushion cover. Love a bargain!

I have been using the traditional method of upholstery so instead of using foam (which would have probably been easier) I used fiber held down with twine and several layers of wadding and different fabrics to smooth it over.  As you can see I have been getting plenty of practice with the magnetic hammer and during my last lesson at college I managed to only hammer 1 tack into my finger (quite an achievement for me). I don’t think I’m a natural at D.I.Y but as they say practice makes perfect. During tomorrows lesson I will be adding my fabric and trim and hopefully getting started on stripping my next project…a footstool. I can’t decide whether to upholster it to match my chair or in keeping with my living room. Decisions decisions.

I found it at Newalk antiques fair. I managed to get it for £20 which isn’t bad because it has real wood legs. I had been hoping to find something a little cheaper and have been trawling ebay without much luck. As you can see from the pictures below it is quite battered but that’s the way I like them.

Even though the fabric is really manky I really like the shape of the legs and the size of the footstool…perfect for my next project!

Before finding this stool I have to confess I did find another one at a local carboot sale although I don’t like it as much.

It makes a good back up project and for the price of £4.00 it was truly a bargain. However, even though the shape is good I really don’t like the horrible plastic orange (meant to be wood effect) legs and I bet you inside its all mdf. So I’ve decided this is going to be a cheap at home job and I will hopefully sell it on for a bit of a profit. I think I’ll go for a shabby chic effect because that usually sells quite well. We will see how it goes!

Just call me the painting queen!

I have been a very busy bee! On top of my usual crafting and sewing I have enrolled onto an upholstery course. I completed my first class on Thursday and am looking forward to my next one this coming Thursday where I am sure to learn plenty of new skills.

In preparation I trawled the internet, second hand shops and carboot sales and I eventually found my very first project…a battered and creaky wooden chair.


Seat Before - This fabric annoys me because whoever covered it before put the fabric on so it points towards the left.

The picture makes it look shiny and quite nice but this is due to the flash on my camera. Unfortunately, it’s quite dull, scratched and in some places chipped. I started with the intention of sanding it right down and re-varnishing it. However, once I started stripping it down I soon found that there was about a million and one layers of varnish sitting on it (only a slight exaggeration :-p). I did consider getting it professionally stripped but as it is my first practice project I decided that it would be far too expensive so have painted it instead.

After being painted

My next class is on Thursday where I will hopefully be learning how to use the tools and starting to re-upholster the chair.

I have an idea of how I want the finished chair to look. I intend to combine my patchwork skills with the soon to be learnt upholstery skills to create something like the following.




I’d love one of the big armchairs, however, I am realistic that it is probably too soon to attempt something so big :-p I would like the seat of my chair to be patch-worked though.