Fantabulous Friday!!!

Set of 4 glass coasters

It’s nearly the weekend and I have now finally had my coasters back and they look great. They have been fired at such a high tempreature that they are flat and make the perfect coasters.

Testing my coaster!

They are even better than I expected. You can’t tell that some of the sides were not quite straight because of the glass melting.

I am one step closer to my ‘homemade home’, where everything has been made by me! Well that’s the dream anyway. It means I have a lot of crafts to learn.

Yesterday I collected my glass coasters and also had another workshop to make a free standing curved structure similar to the one below. It will be able to stand up and I will put a little behind it to turn it into a little light.

It will be like this but with my design on it instead.

It will have my design on it, which is a two butterflies flying in the sky.

Before the firing!

It will be fired flat to begin with to prevent the glass from slipping and then will be fired again to shape it into the curve. It won’t be fired at such a high temperature because I don’t want to lose the texture of the shards of glass in the sky. I will be able to collect it on Monday and I can’t wait!

This week I don’t have tons to show for the amount of sewing I’ve been doing. But I have finally finished all 20 blocks for my double quilt. They just need squaring up and the sashing adding and then I can think about adding the wadding and backing. I look forward to seeing it finished.

I have managed to make a little make up bag that I found the tutorial for through The Fledgling Seamstress Blog . The tutorial is from Three Bears. It was a pretty easy tutorial to follow and it made a good introduction project for my sewing machine as well. I thought that once filled with some nice cosmetics and decorated with some cool yoyos (another thing I have learnt how to make this week), buttons and ribbon they would make some pretty funky  presents.

This weeks aims are to:

  • square up and add sashing to my sample quilt blocks,
  • make some kind of bag from one of my many magazines and books I have collected and am yet to use,
  • (I know it’s early to be thinking about it but I want to be on top of things) try to make merry christmas bunting.




















Sunday Catch-up

Hey there,

It’s been a couple of days since my last post and I have been busy busy busy. Partly with crafting but also partly with life in general. First of all I need to say goodbye to my trusty sewing machine. It means that this is going to be a slightly long post. I just got extremely fed up with my cotton real constantly flying off of my sewing machine (the spool snapped off a long time ago and so have been using the inside of a biro). Plus it doesn’t actually belong to me, I actually borrowed it about 2/3 years ago from my mum and it really is about time it went back :-p

My old trusty sewing machine

As you can see at the top of the sewing machine the biro is slightly wonky from all the times the cotton reels have flown across my craft room. But my mum will continue to use it so I know it is going to a good home.

Now I need to welcome my new sewing machine into my life. Hellooooo beautiful!

My new sewing machine

Sewing machines are a bit like cars…my old one was very boxy and had lots of straight lines (like an old car) and my new one is very rounded with lots of curved edges (like a more modern car). Although it is not an all singing and all dancing it is perfect for what I need it for at the moment. It’s got a couple of decorative stitches, I can use it for my applique patchwork and (once the correct foot arrives) I will be able to do free quilting (I think that’s what its called).

I plan on making a new crazy patchwork cover for it.

I’ve been on the glass workshop and made four coasters. Each one being different in style and colour. I enjoyed the workshops so much that I booked to go on three more! The next one being next Thursday when we will be making a curved free standing structure that we will be able to put a candle behind.

My coasters before being fired

Hopefully, once its been fired the hard edges will be taken away and they will become more rounded and soft. Luckily we were given some practice time at the beginning of the workshop, which is great as it turns out I am not a natural at cutting glass. Curves I can do as it is less obvious that I have ‘gone wrong’ but I don’t think they are too bad.

Has anyone else made things from glass before? I would be interested in seeing because the things the tutor had made in her workshop were just stunning. One day that will be me!

On Friday I decided that I really needed an apron. Especially considering how much mess I make whenever I cook in the kitchen. So off I went to have a look in my fabric stash to see what co-ordinating fabrics I had and to find a tutorial on the internet. This is the result!

My apron


The apron open flat

This should protect me from any rogue flour or sauce when cooking! If it doesn’t I may have to just cut three holes (two for my arms and one for my head) out of a bin liner! :-p

Fabric Doorstop

I have been lucky enough to have been given some curtains. If a year ago someone had told me that being given a free set of curtains would have made my day I would have laughed. However, now I don’t just see them as a free set of curtains…I see them as a whole range of possibilities.

Once I had finished another block for my quilt I decided to give myself a break by making something small so I decided to make a doorstop using the curtain fabric to stop the door from slamming whenever I have a window open somewhere in the house. I found a tutorial on the internet and set to work.

My doorstop

It was pretty easy! It was just a matter of making templates for the four triangle sides and the square base, putting these on the fabric, cutting them out, sewing them together, adding dry rice inside of it before finally sewing it up. I then added a ribbon and a heart shaped button for decoration. I’m going to make more using some patterned fabric from my stash for different rooms in the house. That is once I have been to the shop to buy more rice…it’s a good job I don’t need any for dinner tonight :-p

Speaking of tonight I am lucky enough to have been able to get myself onto a glass workshop where I will be learning to make coasters from…surprise surprise…glass! I can’t wait. We are in desperate need of coasters because at the moment we are just making do with whatever we can find to put our cup on. Tomorrow I will hopefully have pictures of the coasters as I make them, although not pictures of the finished products because they will need to be fired! It will be interesting to see the results.

Seventeen Down, Three More To Go!

Today I have had a bit of a sewing day. It’s been a while since the completed my last block and I figured that I had better pull my finger out and complete the last four blocks. By the end of it my eyes were feeling strained from all of the concentration. I did manage to complete another block from my sampler quilt. Unfortunately it was an applique  block and that is not my strongest of skills. In fact I really struggle with it, however I am hoping that if people only look at from a distance they won’t notice that it’s slightly lumpy and uneven. I have also included images of the other blocks I have made so far.

Today's block is top centre

You can see from the image that it isn’t as neat as the others. I am really enjoying making the blocks and I only have three blocks left to complete then I will have enough for a double quilt. Once I have completed all of my blocks I then need to add borders, square them off and then add deep purple sashing.

Some more blocks.

I really enjoy making the log cabins and I particularly enjoyed making the variation of it called Court House Steps. That’s the block on the top right.

More blocks

The ones that I have already managed to put borders around I think look really effective, especially the double borders done in the same fabric patterns as the block.

Once I had completed my block I didn’t feel up to starting another one, especially one containing applique! So I got out my scrap basket and made a little hanging heart. For a first attempt and no instructions I think I did pretty well.  The picture doesn’t really do it justice. The buttons stand out against the fabric better than the picture shows.

My newest addition to my craft room.

I look forward to putting it on display in my craft room.

It’s been a while but here I am…

It’s now two months on and I now have a brighter and happier crafting room. It still isn’t the craft room of my dreams but I have to face facts…I don’t have the bank budget of my dreams either.  Especially as August seems to be the most expensive month of the year (excluding December) what with birthdays, car insurance, MOT and servicing plus the usual monthly bills. Anyway, it’s no longer a sickly lilac box room but has been transformed into a bright and happy crafting room with lemon juice yellow walls.

My desk area

From this picture it still looks like the side of my desk area is still cluttered, however, I would like to reassure you all that the boxes are only there due to the fact that my current ongoing project is a sample quilt and I quickly became tired of keep getting my things in and out everyday.

The dresser I am using as storage.

I’m pretty impressed with this dresser.  I love the shape of it and the engraved details in the wood. There is a part of me that wonders about painting it to make it look Shabby Chic, however there’s another part of me that thinks it is beautiful wood and the effects of painting it would be irreversible. I’m going to look for similar things that have been painted to see how they turned out.

Temporary shelving

This shelving was left over from my pre-decorated craft room. I want to find a lovely real wood cupboard to replace this.

So my aims for my craft room are as follows:

  • finish my Lloyd Loom ottoman.
  • Buy some box files to neatly store my magazines.
  • Make some sort of blind or curtain to shield out the sun.
  • Possibly paint my dresser a lighter colour and add some homemade scented hearts (I think they are very sweet).
  • Buy a wooden cupboard to hide my mess in and paint it the same colour as my dresser.
  • Personalise some picture frames to put onto the wall.
Looking at it now this is quite an extensive to do list but I will crack on and add updates as I go.

The Start Of Something New!

Well, Hello World!

This is my first ever post on my first ever blog and I can honestly say that just my completing this first post I feel like some sort of technical wizz!

I have started this blog in order to keep track of the journey I am on. This journey started around a year ago when having been unsuccessful at finding a teaching job last September I started supply work and I soon found that I had plenty of time and absolutely no hobbies. So off I went to find a new hobby and low and behold I found a love of sewing, patchwork and fabric. In fact my fabric passion has quickly over taken my love of clothes shopping much to the misery of my bank balance. It turns out cotton fabric in lovely bright colours is not so cheap! Now I am in the same job hunting boat as last year and I am getting thoroughly fed up of it. Especially because I have come to love the lack of out of hours work that comes with supply work. So I have come to the conclusion that I need a change and am currently looking for a part time teaching post and in my spare time I am going  to start selling my patchwork online. Luckily I have an interview on Wednesday for a part time teaching post so fingers crossed this goes my way.

So having been attending patchwork classes  for the last yearand set up my Etsy account and email I am now onto the next steps of my master plan to become a crafting business woman…create an inspiring crafting space out of the spare room and a blog to track my progress. Below are photos of my craft room as it is currently.

I think it basically needs a complete makeover, including new storage system and curtains. Plus, some pictures and things on the wall would make it look nice. So tomorrow I will be going over to the d.i.y shop to find some paint, rollers etc. So not only am I a technical wizz, I am also going to be a painting and decorating wizz!